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    Fathom the Opportunities

    MBCOI: Bringing Innovation to Light. Translating Marine Science into Products and Services. As a NEXUS for the Blue Economy, MBCOI facilitates the development of marine-related discoveries to benefit North Carolina’s economy.

  • Aquaculture


    Aquaculture is the fastest growing segment of agriculture in the US (13% CAGR). Globally, consumption of farm-raised seafood exceeds that of wild-caught and will rise to 62% by 2030, with a need to double production by 2050 to supply high-quality protein for ~9 billion people.

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    The Genomic Fingerprinting (GF) platform employs proprietary methodology for genetic identification and discrimination of important, closely related gene sequences; able to analyze massive datasets with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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    The Marine Magnetic Resonance Facility (MMRF) combines magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy into a single instrument providing simultaneous high-resolution 3D imaging and non-destructive metabolomics of living specimens.

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    Literature Informatics

    This platform examines millions of articles to create highly-customized and richly annotated subject-matter knowledgebases in an easy to use format that allow you to accelerate R&D and high-value intellectual property (IP).